Need Extra Income?

Need Extra Income? Try these out for size:

–          Providing Fresh Fireflies – Write to Firefly Project, 103 Wiltshire Drive, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830

–          Look at opening a small business  See the planning guides @

–          Open a franchise. Fes range from $500K to $595. Check it out @

–          Find a part time seasonal job @

–          See all card vendors and look at serving as a merchandiser (restocking cards in the local stores)

–          Serve as a food sampling vendor in the local grocery stores (SamsClub and Kroger). See Food Demonstrator via

–          Work with parking lots vendors as ticket takers on special occasions such as football games, school events, and concerts.

–          Serve as a courier delivering packages, letters, etc for law firms and area businesses.

–          Offer professional services such as a writer, coach or personal shopper.

–          Take the things that you enjoy doing and turn it into hired services. Order low cost business cards via

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