Do You Need A Grant? Maybe Not

Do You Need A Grant? Maybe Not # 3 Things You Need Instead

I contend that most people want free money to use to enhance their business. And don’t we all. However, most organizations don’t necessarily offer this exact option in this exact way. They do however, offer your established business an option to showcase how you can solve their business problem and reward your efforts with grants. But Wait! Before that, you need money. YOU NEED $$$. So instead of getting a grant tomorrow, let’s give you 3 resources to help you to add some $$$ in your companies pocket prior to getting that ideal grant.

#1 – Get yourself a business proposal and submit it to 3 to 5 companies who will hire you right away and pay you to execute your service or deliver your product. How do you find said commercial or government project? EASY… Go to or to the DODGE Report (

#2 – Find more options for jobs/subcontract options via Federal Business Opportunities. .

#3 – Ask for financial support from a crowd funding campaign: See Top Crowd funding Sites (

You have your work set out for you. Be sure that you include your cover letter/welcome letter, business resume, media kits, proposals, and other documents to share with these funding sources based on their needs. To get an idea of how to present your materials, Look for an explanation on ( Options for funding are broken down by business area ( for instance, construction, landscapes, professional services, etc). ME_Presenting_Civitan

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