Godly Men Are Needed Now More Then Ever

Wonderful reminder of God who loves order. Good to encourage our men to rise. Thanks Greg!

It's All About Him

As a young man growing up, sometimes I did not understand the importance or impact that I had as a man. As I grew older and wiser I have learned that right now the world needs men to take their rightful place. There are a lot of young men out there who feel as if their lives do not matter of feel as if they are not important, when in reality Godly men are needed now more then ever. Why? Take a look at the world that we live in and maybe you can understand.

So what does a godly man do, what separates a godly man from any other man out there? Well first and foremost he understands the role that he has on his family. If he is married and has children he understands that his wife is looking for him to be the head of the household…

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Passionate Career Coach and Resume Writer


Debra Ann Matthews, M.A., JCTC, JCDC is a passionate career coach and resume writer who has worked with hundreds of clients throughout her career to achieve their dreams. Ms. Matthews has extensive experience with not for profit community service projects including President Clinton’s AmeriCorps, Up With People, and Job Corps. She loves to help motivated job seekers and career changers in her business Let Me Write It For You Job-Winning Resumes and Career Services (www.letmewriteitforyou.org).

Debra Ann currently serves as the New Business Owner Representative for the National Resume Writers Association. As a Career Affiliate with Career Thought Leaders, she keeps her hand on the latest career and resume information in order to help career changers to shine for recruiters and hiring officials. Her additional memberships include Career Directors International and training with Richard Knowdell’s Career Development Network. As a certified job and career development coach and certified job and career transition coach, she currently writes for five blogs across the USA.

As she likes to say, “It is the responsibility of the job seeker to learn how to capture the attention of the key gatekeeper who seeks your talent“.

Her career advice can be found in such journals and publications as USAA Military, NBC Chicago, 3 Ladies on the Radio, MSN Latino, Monster dot com, Monster Working, The Calgary Sun (Canada), Money Mix, Career Builder and Careerbuilder.co.uk. Connect with her on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/letmewriteit4u or via FB at www.facebook.com/letmewriteit4u.

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Those Negative Thoughts Won’t Help, Networking Will

APA Session…Those Negative Thoughts Won’t Help Networking Will, Washington, DC

APA Session...Those Negative Thoughts Won't Help Networking Will, Washington, DC http://www.letmewriteitforyou.org
APA Session…Those Negative Thoughts Won’t Help Networking Will, Washington, DC http://www.letmewriteitforyou.org


Hey girl, Thanks for your vitality and passion for what you do. Though your endless energy inspires, you have a calming presence as well. I feel more grounded and excited too! 

-Jennifer Wolkin, PhD Clinical Psychologist APA Psyche Careers Conference, 2014
Those Negative Thoughts Won’t Help Networking Will

Debra Ann is a magnetic and engaging speaker. It was a pleasure to work with her and see her in action. Those who attended her session about Networking were engaged and participating the whole time.”


Thanks again, Debra Ann. It was great to meet and work with you!


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