Is Your Resume Yeah or Nae?

Check yeah or naw about your Job-Winning Resume

_____ Do you know the old versus the necessary parts of a job-winning resume?

_____Is your resume crafted in a way that showcases relevant problem-solving and pain-killing strategies that you have mastered to be helpful to the employer?

_____ Does your present resume give more than a career history or job description?

_____ Has your resume maximized your visual appeal for the civilian job market?

_____ Is your federal resume based on your past skills and experience-laden?

_____ Does your resume present data that is trim, lean, mean, and succinct?

_____ Does it display an upwardly mobile, relevant, and social media conscious job seeker?

____ Is it tailored for the job/career that you want?

Tell me how you have used your job-winning resume to showcase your unique marketing message? What strategy did you use? Did you secure an interview. YEAH For you. If not, join us for class!

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14 Tips to Tackle Your Job & Career Search

So many times, your friends, your friends children, your older professionals, and your family members have so many explanations as to why and how their job search is not as they expect. In most instances, it’s their failure to understand how to captivate the marketplace in a manner that is effective. In the spirit of Valentines and all thing love, let’s showcase 14 Tips to Tackle Your Job and Career Search…..


LinkedIn is her to stay. Recruiters and hiring managers find talent on LinkedIn. If you are over 50, you need an online presence. This is your change to show your personality and your professional self. Many companies give you the option to apply for jobs via LinkedIn #love is linkedin.

Over Letter Cover Letters. One way to showcase your unique marketing value. We know that you can do the job, now tell me

Validate with References

Enthusiastic Employment! Entrepreneurship is a Job Option

Rotary Pic.jpg

Verify and Valuate Your Resume. There really is something wrong with it!

All Hands On Deck… typing tests, police tests, state tests…

Lend a Helping Referral. There’s Power In Networking

Enjoy the Process. You do have a choice

Negotiate Your Salary

Tell Her.. Know your trade, share your talent, become a subject matter expert

If it’s to be, it’s up to me !

Networking Business Cards work!

Enjoy! Who wants to work with folks who don’t enjoy it!

Smile or Frown if you are smiling on the inside. Proceed with a calm countenance.

Hopefully, these tips are encouraging for you. Danke, Merci Beaucoup, Gracias.

Please share with us your best job and career search strategies.

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YOU Must Take Time and Initiative to Learn How to Shape Your Skills and Image in a Manner that Showcases Your Professional Value.

Take a look at the video that accompany this article via video…. 14 Reasons to Love Valentines Day by Debra Ann Matthews 14 Tips Job Search Strategies – Video

Share your thoughts and let us know how you have set up your job and career strategies.


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Let’s Help Get Your Resume Shining ! Free Resume Classes

Do you need help making your resume shine? Are you a good writer, but do not know how to phrase your job and career experiences? Let’s Help Get Your Resume Shining…

If you live in the Middle Tennessee, Clarksville, Tennessee area, drop by one of our monthly classes and learn how to help your resume shine!


Participants will be able to:

  1. Learn the old versus the necessary parts of a job-winning resume.
  2. Craft resumes that are relevant to problem-solving and pain-killing for the employer!
  3. Present resumes that give more than a career history or job description.
  4. Maximize visually appealing resumes for the civilian job market.
  5. Grab tips for federal resumes that are skilled and experience laden.
  6. Present data that is trim, lean, mean, and succinct.
  7. Display an upwardly mobile, relevant, and social media conscious job seeker.
  8. Tailor resumes for the job/career that you want.

We will be glad to help you learn. Contact us for our free Welcome Kit. Includes:

  • free book, 101 Ways to SkyRocket Your Career
  • free book, Is Your Resume Like An Ole Dinosaur
  • free contract job listing
  • disc assessment information
  • job and values worksheets

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Let us know how we can assist you! Cheers, Debra Ann and the Let Me Write It For You Team!

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