Get ready, set and go… job fairs, help wanted, career fairs

Get ready, set and go... job fairs, help wanted, career fairs

Rise early on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday and garner the attention of hiring managers by making application to these Middle Tennessee jobs and begin to plan for upcoming job fairs:
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5 Clues for 40 Years Old who recently earned a college degree

5 Clues for 40 Years Old who recently earned a college degree

You have a degree, now focus on the impact that your degree has helped in honing and developing your skills. As a 40+ professional, you are in the middle of your professional career and in my opinion; it can look very bright once you clarify the difference that you have made in your journey as you have now added another asset to your professional belt. To prepare for your next career journey, note 4 to 5 accomplishments and place them on a networking card. This will help when you start to interview as well. First of all, don’t be dismayed about being judged on your age. Anyone who will judge you based this superficial factor, you probably don’t want to work for anyway. However, the workforce and hiring managers are seeking candidates to join their team who can help them to meet their goals. Second of all, you will do your career a huge favor, simply by focusing on ways in which you can build your knowledge base in your profession in such a way that helps you to solve problems, maintain the professional status quo and add an element of strategic innovation to the profession. So here’s to my 40+ recent college graduates, let’s find 5 ways to help you to get a clue after graduation.
5 Clues for 40 Years Old who Recently Earned a College Degree by Debra Ann Matthews