Presidential Memo on Preventing Sexual Assault

Presidential Memo on Preventing Sexual Assault

“We need to keep saying to anyone out there who has ever been assaulted, you are not alone. You will never be alone. We have your back. I’ve got your back.” —President Obama before signing a Presidential Memorandum on preventing sexual assault

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Rising Star: Tiffany Brooks of HGTV Shares Her Journey!

I’ve got my head down finishing my upcoming book on personal branding, This Little Brand of Mine. While I’m working, you can enjoy this big juicy piece of inspiration candy:
I recently sat down with one of my favorite successful careerists to find out how she went from part-time business owner to TV star in a few short, passionate years.
Tiffany Brooks of You and Your Decor has no formal design training. She started her interior styling business in 2008 as a result of a lost bet. When I met Tiffany three years ago, she was working as an administrator at my children’s school. While working her day job, raising her child, and supporting other family members through hard times, she built her business.
Today, Tiffany has a growing design empire. She won HGTV Star in 2013 and has gone on to host other shows and write featured columns for HGTV Magazine.

Rising Star: Tiffany Brooks of HGTV Shares Her Journey!