Learn How to Compete in Today’s Job Market

Learn How to Compete in Today's Job Market

Learn How to Compete in Today’s Job Market from Over 20 Leading Job & Career Experts For FREE !

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Your Questions Welcomed Please

Your Questions Welcomed Please

Preguntas sobre Carrera profesionales internacionales, pregunta acerca de como conseguir un buen trabajo y otras consideraciones Profesional redactora escritor, Debra Ann Matthews Ola, a mis amigos de habla española. Durante su visita a la República Dominicana, me encontré con un montón de gente maravillosa cuya lengua materna es el español. Quiero preguntarle a cada uno a tomar tiempo el 22 oct 2013 a 31 oct 2013 paraque usted a enviar preguntas que usted pueda tener acerca de cómo obtener un trabajo, reubicación y el trabajo en los EE.UU., la selección de un área de carrera, formación y otros consideraciones relacionadas. No dude en hacer su pregunta en español o Inglés y una vez compilado, nuestra organización, déjame escribir por ti: Hojas de vida y servicios profesionales Job-Ganar compilará recursos y artículos para hacer frente a sus preocupaciones. Recuerde enviar sus preguntas a nosotros @ letmewriteitforyou@gmail.com o enviar sus preguntas a través de Debra Ann Facebook@ http://www.facebook.com/letmewriteit4u. Fecha límite: Midnight 31 de octubre 2013

Friday’s Job Fair of the Week in Clarksville

Friday's Job Fair of the Week in Clarksville

Friday, October 25, 2013 10 am to 1 pm, Goodwill Career Solutions Center, located @ 640 Providence Blvd will host the following companies:

Brickman Group
Mapco Express
Legal Shielf
Trinity Marine
Virtual Employers Include: Labor Ready, D&D Companies, Murray Guard

Community Resources Include: Operation Stand Down, Mont Co Election Commission

For more information, see Ms. Brandy Earhart or call 931.472.3531

For more job leads, see http://www.jobs4tn.gov or contact Let Me Write It For You on FB, Twitter, or Linkedin.

Friday’s Job Fair of the Week in Clarksville http://shar.es/I3utb

The Young and the Unemployed

The Young and the Unemployed

The Young and the Unemployed
The first step that must be taken by the young and unemployed is to steer clear of blaming the economy, politicians, or anyone else. Young or old, the mindset must be, “I am responsible for my current situation. Therefore,” the responsible jobseeker asks, “What am I doing wrong, and what must I do right, to change this situation?” This may seem like strong medicine, but until we take full responsibility for our current situation we will be distracted by excuses from focusing on what is important.

If you are serious about finding work, then assess your current job search condition with this simple diagnostic:

See article @ http://www.tompayne.com/blog/the-young-and-the-unemployed/

You’ve got a graduate degree, but you still don’t know nothing

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Under what circumstances did you enter an advanced degree program? Was it because you had a passion for the professional area and you yearned to learn as much as possible in order for you to maximize your knowledge base as a subject matter expert in your field? Recently, I became acquainted with a person who earned an MBA and her highest professional goal is to apply for an entry-level position with a state agency. On a separate occasion, a scientific researcher stated that her goal professionally, is to make as much money as possible. Although, in retrospect, she stated that she loved science and loved teaching science to children. So what do these 3 things have to do with earning an advanced degree? Many people are paying in excess of $40,000 or more to obtain a graduate degree, but still don’t know nothing. Let’s recommend 3 things for those who are obtaining a graduate degree to do to know something:

You’ve got a graduate degree, but you still don’t know nothing http://shar.es/EzXgq via @sharethis

10 Reasons Not To Give Up on Finding A Job in Middle TN

10 Reasons Not To Give Up on Finding A Job in Middle TN

Don’t give up on your job search. Many times, temp and placement agencies will hire workers and this is a wonderful way to get connected with long term, permanent placement.

See complete article for 10 Reasons Not To Give Up on Finding A Job in Middle TN at http://shar.es/KMd07.

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3 Secrets for women in nontraditional jobs

3 Secrets for women in nontraditional jobs

Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but women are welcomed to join non-traditional career fields. And guess what? They are receiving higher wages, excellent pensions and exquisite promotional opportunities within those non-traditional fields. Now let me share the secrets about it all:
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3 Simple reasons veterans can master their job search

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Not only does our wonderful President and First Lady support America in placing a priority on serving our veterans with transitional services and getting over 100,000 veterans hired, many companies have love and dedication to just this goal! So rest assured, many of the initiatives that are put in action to help doesn’t reach those who need it the most, so we are starting right here and right now with 3 simple reasons Veterans can master their job search

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