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6 Clues to What’s Wrong With Your Resume: Free Class

What’s wrong with your resume?

I bet you don’t have a clue!

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Debra Ann will serve as 2016-7 NRWA Dir of Industry, Workforce, Military, Community Career Services

It sure is surprising when we present our very best and get little to no response. I attended our annual National Resume Writer’s Association Conference in Annapolis, Maryland, last week and if I heard it once, I heard it stated twice, that:

If you are not getting interviews, it’s your resume! 

Many others have much to say about this interviewing-grabbing document that we call a resume.

#1 – Avoid the old school big block format. Give your resume an appealing look.

#2 – Use active voice! Give your resume spice and energy. Avoid using “responsible for, assisted, provide, performed, tasked, and in addition to.”

#3 – Take out acronyms and technical jargon. Make sure that anyone outside of your line of work can understand your resume.

#4 – Don’t turn in irrelevant resumes. Match your work experience section to the targeted position.

#5 – Don’t demonstrate mediocre data. Hiring officials want to read about your unique contributions to your job. Include your best accomplishments!

#6 – Add education – Go beyond just the degree and college name. Include a list of courses and / or descriptions of three significant projects.

For those in Clarksville, Montgomery County, Please join us over the next few months for our Free Resume Training Class.

The classes will be held at the Leap Org Building, located at 1860 Wilma Rudolph Boulevard, Clarksville, Tennessee.

Join us on the following dates:

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These free classes will encourage, enlighten, and inspire you to present your best skills forward!

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 Learn how to Make Your Resume Work For You!

Debra Ann Matthews, contributor, Modernize Your Job Search Letters | |

~ Ask for your Free Career Book: 101 Ways to Skyrocket Your Career~

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Do You Need A Grant? Maybe Not

Do You Need A Grant? Maybe Not # 3 Things You Need Instead

I contend that most people want free money to use to enhance their business. And don’t we all. However, most organizations don’t necessarily offer this exact option in this exact way. They do however, offer your established business an option to showcase how you can solve their business problem and reward your efforts with grants. But Wait! Before that, you need money. YOU NEED $$$. So instead of getting a grant tomorrow, let’s give you 3 resources to help you to add some $$$ in your companies pocket prior to getting that ideal grant.

#1 – Get yourself a business proposal and submit it to 3 to 5 companies who will hire you right away and pay you to execute your service or deliver your product. How do you find said commercial or government project? EASY… Go to or to the DODGE Report (

#2 – Find more options for jobs/subcontract options via Federal Business Opportunities. .

#3 – Ask for financial support from a crowd funding campaign: See Top Crowd funding Sites (

You have your work set out for you. Be sure that you include your cover letter/welcome letter, business resume, media kits, proposals, and other documents to share with these funding sources based on their needs. To get an idea of how to present your materials, Look for an explanation on ( Options for funding are broken down by business area ( for instance, construction, landscapes, professional services, etc). ME_Presenting_Civitan

Here’s hoping that you find value in this article. Please email me if you would like a copy of my book, 125 Nonprofits You Can Start or 101 Ways to Skyrocket Your Career. Do let me know if I can be of assistance to you as well. Good news is welcomed! Like my FB page – (I can like yours too)

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Getting Grant Ready? Are you Ready?

Let’s Go. You want some $$$ to help your business, or to get your business started, or to get equipment. I used to laugh aloud when people would tell me this – but now I have learned that grant $$ actually exist to help out! Now, guess what?

2016-05-11 17.21.20

You have to get GRANT READY.

Tune into my FB page each day for a video tip on getting grant ready.

Soon, we will offer the big class for you to implement most of the grant ready ideas that we have been talking about.

Feel free to ask questions, make constructive positive comments and jump in on the conversation of Getting Grant Ready.

Listen to this interview that we did a few days ago on Grants. There are 3 good tips for you to use in your business. What Do You Do & 4 Grants to Help You Do It? Dr. Cece Brown & Black Women on the Move with Debra Ann Matthews.


Debra Ann Matthews



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Do-It-YourSelf Resumes DON’T

Do-It-Yourself Resumes Don’t:

~ Present a clear, competitive advantage for hiring YOU

~Position YOU as the best applicant for the job

~ Deliver results

~ Offer a competitive account of your employment history


Serve as a marketing tool


The best return on INVESTMENT for the employer

Take this free copy of Supercharge Your Job Search, Career Directors International:

Take this free copy of Supercharge Your Job Search, Career Directors International:

Professional Resume Writers Do:

~ Draw attention to the #1 thing that makes you, the product better than the others in the market: CONVEYING YOUR UNIQUE QUALITY throughout the resume

~Sells a product (You, THE CLIENT) to the employer

Asks throughout the resume writing process, “Why will this client be a good investment for a prospective employer?

~Writes a more powerful resume that is sure to get noticed

After all, it’s UPDATE YOUR RESUME MONTH! Let’s critique, re-vamp and update your Job-Winning Resumes!

Take this free copy of Supercharge Your Job Search from Career Directors International:

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4 Things to Understand About Assisting Ex-Offenders with Employment

By Debra Ann Matthews

Many people who’ve paid their debt to society and are now ready to work in jobs and/or career areas may not have the right words to verbalize their passion and desire to help the workforce meet company goals. Others need a bit of help showcasing their dependable work histories via key employability skills that are of interest to managers looking to hire talent. Don’t be put off by your relationship with the United State Prison or Parole System. Over 700,000 people annually leave a relationship with the system and seek out job opportunities. Be encouraged, consider these 4 things and use it to help ex-offenders and those with felonies reap a positive employment search.

No one is unemployable!

No one is unemployable!

You will be thrilled to learn:

#1 Even while incarnated, former inmates developed skills of note that helped meet goals in the detention centers and facilities where they served. Each facility offers standard classes on decision making skills and work related skills. In addition, inmates are hired to perform much production, landscaping, and intense cleaning duties while incarcerated that are ideal for workers looking for talent with experience. These skills can be noted in such a way as to elicit interviews and interest from hiring managers who are sympathetic to their status as felons.

#2 Many inmates served as peer advisors, lead work teams, and explained policies and procedures to younger inmates. These experiences can be linked to potential jobs that require the same skills, especially for those persons who are Veterans, trained accountants, and have college degrees.

#3 Some people are placed directly on parole and never have to actually serve jail time and are highly likely to possess talent and skills and are experts in safety and standard operating procedures. Many will also have training in the medical field, construction, legal profession. Encourage them to look for WIA (Workforce Investment Act) supported training dollar to assist with taking certifications and earning CEU units (continuing education) to help them to become job ready.

#4 Use all of their experiences, both while incarcerated and while on parole as jewels for creating resumes full of value, skills, and expertise that are wanted in the work place. Coin soft skills and hard skills on resumes, bios, and cover letters to help offer ex-felons and those on parole to develop compelling messages for recruiters and hiring managers showcasing how you’ve overcome your barrier to employment and are ready to shine in the workforce!

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Answer 3 Critical Questions to Figure Out Your Professional ROI

It’s not good enough to have a a good linkedin profile full of text, or a resume that is to 3 pages long but really full of fluff or a mindset that says, “I want a job that pays more money that I am making now!” It’s only good enough when you can clearly communicate the traits, talents, skills, and successes that you have been a part of in your past, that point to your intended future opportunity.

Answer these 3 Critical Questions to Figure Out Your Professional ROI:

  1. Describe your ideal next position?
  2. What do you want to do?
  3. What are your signature strengths?

If nothing else, when you start to answer these questions, be honest, authentic, and think critically about yourself and your contributions.

Go for what you know. Reach. Stretch your imagination. It’s okay to do what you want to do. Figure out what really drives you.

Keep fine tuning your professional self and generate your marketable value.

Here’s a Handy Tool Kit Includes:

“4 Reasons to Ask Questions About Your Career”

“Supercharge Your Job Search” 

Debra Ann Matthews is the author of “Is Your Resume like a Dinosaur?” She is the editor of blog, the New Business Owner Representative for the National Resume Writers Association and a Member of Career Directors International.

She is a career affiliate with Career Thought Leader, writes for Examiner dot com, Ezine Articles and Local Job Network.

Connect with her @ or

Check out her mobile site URL

TORI Award Winning Sharon Williams and CARW, Certified Advanced Resume Writer, Debra Ann Matthews are at your service.

TORI Award Winning Sharon Williams and CARW, Certified Advanced Resume Writer, Debra Ann Matthews are at your service.

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