3 Best Resume Tips for Clarksville, Montgomery County, Tennesse Job Seekers

Clarksville, Montgomery County, Erin, Springfield, and Ashland City, Tennessee, Let us Help You Get A Job-Winning Resume

Let Me Point it Out For You

#1 Remember your résumé is not an obituary that lists every job you’ve ever had. It’s a marketing document whose content should support the job target you are seeking..

# 2 Keywords are King! What are they? Buzzwords, nouns, adjectives, or short phrases for your industry. They usually describe your unique knowledge, skills, abilities, education, and experience? They are used to “Score” or “rank” résumé. Do not add keywords tha you can’t justify.

#3 #1 Assume that a résuméwill become a part of an applicant tracking system if you upload it or attach it to an email message. Typically, if a company has four to five open positions per month consistently, they should be using an ATS. In fact, 100% of Fortune 1000 companies and 80% of small/medium businesses use them. Resumes are being read underneath the format. Content is critical. Your experience needs to be crystal clear…

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