This Week of Networking and Job Search in Middle Tennessee

This Week of Networking and Job Search in Middle Tennessee

Networking helps you to build your circle of potential people with whom you can share ideas on different areas related to your professional development, including job search. One of the best ways to do this is to attend job fairs, volunteer in the community and help others achieve their goals. When you are seen as helpful, someone may clue you in on a potential opportunity where your skills may help out! Here are this week’s networking and job fair opportunities:
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So you think that that resume will get you a job? Not! No

So you think that that resume will get you a job? Not! No

It is not the recession that is holding you in an unemployed status, it’s that you are a lazy job seeker who has no clue on the latest, savvies way to catch the attention of hiring officials.See complete article @ via @sharethis

Career Fair in Clarksville Today April 26th. Ready, Resume, Re-assess

Career Fair in Clarksville Today April 26th. Ready, Resume, Re-assess

Today is the Day _ ready, resume, re-assess image, retreat to networking. Don’t forget to ask who the hiring manager is for the job which you are applying…. And if you can’t say it, Let Me Write It For You !! 8 Ways to get ready for Clarksville Job Fair via @examinercom

Do you have what it takes to get a job? 5 Questions to consider

Do you have what it takes to get a job? 5 Questions to consider

So let’s go the panic route. Let’s tout all of the frustrations concerning recessions, company closing, lay-offs and mergers. Let’s scare each other to death and talk about how 800 people recently applied for a file clerk position at an Atlanta law firm. While we are scaring ourselves, have you ever thought whether or not you have what it takes to get a job? See complete article @

This Week in Middle Tennessee

This Week in Middle Tennessee

Be sure to connect with interested companies via linkedin, branchout and twitter. Let me write it for you ( helps motivated job seekers with resume preparation, interview tips and job search services. See article for This Week in Middle Tennessee @

Create a resume that sizzles

Create a resume that sizzles

Finally, know that according to CNN Money, over 80% of all job openings are not advertised. Start with a sizzling resume and then use noted key descriptors of your successful brand to develop a nice persuasive FB and LinkedIn presence. Recruiters and hiring managers find people with the skills they need then send them an email or message to see if those people would be interested in a job interview. Sizzling resumes will get interview requests within 30 days of submission. See complete article @

Easy networking for military veterans

Easy networking for military veterans

Many of the military associations offer job search assistance. You will have an opportunity to expand your network with other veterans. Use your social media connections to include your veterans colleagues in your network to identify key individuals who within companies of interest and share updates, recommend articles and post status updates. Also look for military-affiliated groups that offer military-to-civilian transition assistance as well. See complete article @

How does your resume fair? Let’s check

How does your resume fair? Let’s check

So what’s wrong with your resume? Obviously, if you are catching the attention of hiring managers with your job-winning resumes, then you are right on! If you are networking and receiving correspondence via LinkedIn Branchout, and other social media sites, then you are right on ! If your biggest challenges are which job offer to accept, then right on !! If, however, your resume is not getting you the attention that you feel that you deserve, then there is something wrong with your resume. Do you know what it is makes your resume in need of serious attention.
Let me write it for you assists motivated job seekers and career changers with resumes that speak volumes about their job skills, accomplishments and talents in a manner to solicit interviews. Run not walk to beef up your resume . You can learn more about writing effective resumes at the career centers, Goodwill Career Solutions Center, Urban League, or by contacting a professional resume writer.
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