For faster results, job seekers dial 777- HELP

For faster results, job seekers dial 777- HELP

5 tips that will generate faster results for job seekers

Get help. If you do not know how to speak the language of a professional, learn how to do it. Hard-working people often are not equipped with the latest techniques for showcasing talents in a manner that will attract industry professionals. If you don’t know how to plan your job search see such sites as I Need A Job dot com, Job dash hunt dot com, Occupational Outlook Handbook, or The Department of Labor site. Learn how to showcase your career related talents via your job-winning resume, cover letter, bio, online website presence, and targeted job search websites. If you can’t say it, Let me write it for you.




Debra Ann completed my resume in 2011, as I was graduating from college. Since that time, I have expanded my college education from positions in Customer Service to Case Management. I’d like to thank Let Me Write It For You for the inspiration and belief that my skills can be valued to corporate America. Currently I have been offered a lucrative position with a IT Firm as a Test Engineer and I say, “If you can’t say it, let Debra Ann write it for you and if you need coaching Let Debra Ann coach you to your ideal job”. A. Brown, Ft Campbell, KY 

A ton of #jobsearch advice in this month’s collection Career Development Carnival

A ton of #jobsearch advice in this month’s collection Career Development Carnival

A ton of #jobsearch  advice in this month’s collection  Career Development Carnival (also great #brandingand other resources too!)

This month features the work of new contributors+Donna Svei +Kevin Kermes +Shahrzad Arasteh +Adrienne Tom 

  Plus other great HR & Career Professionals (marketing too!) like:
+Meg Guiseppi +Lisa Rangel +Jacob Share +Barb Poole  +Dan Ryan   +Marc DeBoer +Marc Miller +Julie Walraven +Kristi Enigl +Dawn Lennon +Arthur Catalanello +Beth Sears +Deborah Mourey +Adrienne Tom Dan Miller +Debra Ann Matthews 
(Did I miss anyone?) Oh yes, +Lynn Dessert Thanks for hosting this month! 

Hard-working people need smart job search tactics too !

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H – Hand out positive attributes on your business networking cards. They should highlight your social media sites( FB, Twitter, YouTube Channel, MySpace, Squidoo, LinkedIn). It should also highlight 3 to 4 success stories from your personal career. See article @

Career questions ex-prisons ask about getting a good job & other considerations

Career questions ex-prisons ask about getting a good job & other considerations

As a human being, the God-given right to work and enhance one’s career, is a simple right as much as breathing. However, many ex-felons, former inmates, convicted persons feel isolated and unsure how to proceed forward in rebuilding their professional lives. This article is an effort to offer ways in which those who have had relationships with the prison system in some way can ask questions that they have an itching and burning desire to know as far as how to develop their professional selves