3 Resume Best Tips for Jobseekers in Bowling Green, Kentucky

3 Resume Best Tips for Jobseekers in Bowling Green, Kentucky

Resumes are a sales document that helps a hiring official understand and appreciate the value you bring to the industry focused on your achievements, accomplishments, and unique successes. No better reason for job seekers and career changers in Nashville, Davidson County to need job-winning resumes than this fact.

First Tip: The Kentucky Career Center is currently closed and although services are available virtually, there is no touch like the personal touch – one on one assistance for nervous and anxious jobseekers. One good practice prior to uploading your resume. Do not forget to add and build the same resume on the portal to ensure that recruiters will see your resume.

Debra Ann Matthews, Forbes Coaches Council, M. A., JCTC, JCDC, National Resume Writers Association, Career Thought Leaders – Presenting in Washington, DC at the APA National Conference

Second Tip: If you are a part of any specialized group including youth and young adult, ages 14 to 24, single parent with children in the Welfare to Work Program, senior seeking a less demanding job after retirement, disabled person seeking to work with the Ticket To Work Program, veteran seeking work after military service, or recent college graduate seeking your first job be sure to write out your top five accomplishments prior to writing your resume to really look at the impact that you’ve made in the various work, intern, hobby events that you have participated. When you write out your accomplishments, be sure to start with action verbs. For example, accelerate, adapt, apply, build, calculate, centralize, command, control, coordinate, collaborate, craft, crate, critique……

Final tip: Be sure that your job-winning resume is readable, easy to skim, and easy to read both on paper and online.

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Bowling Green, Russellville, Hopkinsville, Kentucky, Let us Help You Get A Job-Winning Resume

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Let Me Write It For You: Job-Winning Resumes and Career Services offers coaching and writing services to motivated career changers and small businesses, since 2009. Debra Ann Matthews, a Forbes Coaches Council, Career Thought Leaders, and National Resume Writers Association (Past Board) member, loves to cheer on and champion those seeking new jobs, promotions, and transitioning to diverse career fields to put their best talents forward in writing. She has trained, taught, and presented to various audiences nationwide, facilitating enthusiastically that YES, we can help you to achieve that goal—be it land an interview, a job, join a membership, or solicit services or fundraising. She is delighted to have written over 100 articles on resumes, job search, career communications, professional development, English/Grammar/Technical Writing, and Public Speaking. Her feature articles include Forbes Magazine, MODERNIZE YOUR JOB SEARCH LETTERS: Get Noticed … Get Hired, Nashville/Clarksville Career Examiner, Local Job Network, Ezine Articles, Black Career Women’s Network, Career Builder, Canada’s Calgary Sun, Channel 5 NBC Chicago, Jennings Wire: The World of Success, 3 Ladies on the Radio, Monster Working, Money Mix, Liberty Voice, Online College.org, and Monster dot com Latina.

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Celebrating in Advance: What’s Right With Your Resume

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Hi, I’m Debra Ann. I spend most of my time learning. Some of my favorite days were spent on the hill at UT, that’s the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, (that is for my Texas supporters) siting in English Literature classes, dissecting and divulging the meanings of words, concepts; justifying my own interpretation of famous and not-so-famous literary artists including… Oh I can’t remember those old folks names now, but I loved learning about Malcolm X, Paula Giddens, Alex Hailey, and of course Nikki Giovonni and other local Tennessee writers and artists. I later learned the value of all of those speech, communications, rhetoric classes is just what I am able to do right now= Read, Research, and Write Resumes. I absolutely love taking my clients experiences and showing them how I can help them target them in a way that hiring managers and recruiters can see their value.

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Debra Ann uses her extroverted personality to help reach her clients who feel passionate about their jobs and careers but can’t express the difference they make. Ms. Matthews has extensive experience with not for profit community service projects including President Clinton’s AmeriCorps, Up With People, and Job Corps. She combines her love for service and her passion for sharing knowledge with job seekers and career changers by offering to train (adjunct college professor or public speaker) or participate in interviews. She has served as the New Business Owner Representative/Military Group for the National Resume Writers Association Board. She is also a member of Forbes Coaches Council, and is a Career Affiliate with Career Thought Leaders.  She has trained with Richard Knowdell of the Career Development Network, earning her certifications as a Job and Career Transition Coach and Job and Career Development Coach.  Send your email to register for What’s Right With Your Resume course at https://bit.ly/2Y669yH.

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Cèst merveilleux: Those Negative Thoughts Won’t Help! Networking Will

Cèst merveilleux ~ My session is scheduled on Saturday… The session page is now up! You can find it at: http://www.apa.org/convention/activities/job-fair/session-schedule.aspx. It’s called “Those Negative Thoughts Won’t Help! Networking Will: 7 Needed Networks for Psychology Professionals. Now Ain’t That Good News !!

3 Ways to Get Excited About Your Resume

3 Ways to Get Excited About Your Resume

3 Ways to Get Excited About Your Resume http://shar.es/BbL3z

Share with us, those things that get you excited about your job search and resume. Share with us on FaceBook @ www.facebook.com/letmewriteit4u. We hope that this article is helpful. Take a look at this video, “What Keeps Startup CEO Excited About His Job“.

Debra Ann Matthews of Let Me Write It For You: Job-Winning Resumes and Career Services would like to answer any additional questions for you. She can be found on linkedin atwww.linkedin.com/in/letmewriteit4u or via FB at www.facebook.com/letmewriteit4u or on herwebsite at www.jobwinningresumes.net. You can also email her at letmewriteitforyou@gmail.com

Can You Answer This Question About Your Professional Self?


Can You Answer This Question About Your Professional Self? See complete articles at http://shar.es/R0CGw.

Feel free to share with me your answers to the above question. I’d love to hear it on my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/letmewriteit4u. Debra Ann Matthews of Let Me Write It For You: Job-Winning Resumes and Career Services would like to answer any additional questions for you. She can be found on linkedin at http://www.linkedin.com/in/letmewriteit4u or via FB at http://www.facebook.com/letmewriteit4u or on her website at http://www.jobwinningresumes.net. You can also email her at letmewriteitforyou@gmail.com.

Career Development Carnival

Career Development Carnival

This month’s Career Development Carnival is packed full of great career tips and advice that will take you into the rest of this year. In this month’s issue, we have career tips that span from looking for a new job, getting and managing your job and gracefully leaving your employer.

There’s no shortage of companies hiring according to Lisa Rangel and Meg Guiseppi between now and the New Year. If holiday parties scare you – look for the opportunities to use them to your advantage with tips from Susan Joyce.

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Do you need a job in Clarksville?

Do you need a job in Clarksville?

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that has more than 80,000 Tennessee jobs listed daily.
https://www.jobs4tn.gov/. See full article @
Job seekers and career changers can get assistance from Let Me Write It For You: Job-Winning Resumes and Career Services is available to assist with career needs. Connect @ http://www.jobwinningresumes.net or on Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/letmewriteit4u.