Getting Grant Ready? Are you Ready?

Let’s Go. You want some $$$ to help your business, or to get your business started, or to get equipment. I used to laugh aloud when people would tell me this – but now I have learned that grant $$ actually exist to help out! Now, guess what?

2016-05-11 17.21.20

You have to get GRANT READY.

Tune into my FB page each day for a video tip on getting grant ready.

Soon, we will offer the big class for you to implement most of the grant ready ideas that we have been talking about.

Feel free to ask questions, make constructive positive comments and jump in on the conversation of Getting Grant Ready.

Listen to this interview that we did a few days ago on Grants. There are 3 good tips for you to use in your business. What Do You Do & 4 Grants to Help You Do It? Dr. Cece Brown & Black Women on the Move with Debra Ann Matthews.


Debra Ann Matthews