If You can dream, you can have your ideal career

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Enjoy dreaming for a while. We are waiting for your response at Let Me Write It For You. We help dreamers everyday with their professional presentation, interview skills and social media. We are excited to see how we can best assist you.
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3 Reasons to rev up your resume in 30 minutes

3 Reasons to rev up your resume in 30 minutes

Louise Kursmark has a book entitled, “30 Minute Resume Makeover”. I would like to give those motivated job seekers and career changers who are excellent writers, 3 compelling reasons to purchase Louise’s book and change your resume….

3 Reasons to rev up your resume in 30 minutes. Take a look at it here:http://shar.es/ZIYFV

Changing Careers? Zigzag Your Way Into New Territory!

Changing Careers? Zigzag Your Way Into New Territory!

Thinking about changing careers? People always ask me, “How do I change paths without having to begin at the bottom all over again?” Annoyingly, as with most things careers related; it depends.

Clearly, if you want to become a doctor, you’ll have to go to med school and start from scratch. A lawyer: back to law school, my friend. But in most fields, there isn’t just one ticket to enter. Even though your preferred field asks for a specific educational background, chances are you may be able to bypass that.See full article @ http://www.careerealism.com/changing-careers-zigzag-territory/

7 Clues for 40 years old who recently earned a college degree

7 Clues for 40 years old who recently earned a college degree

Do you realize that 300+ applicants apply for every job out there. How do you plan to stand out and make your presence viewed as unique? Please get a clue 40+ job seeker . See article @ http://shar.es/lSLcS. For more help, see http://www.jobwinningresumes.net

Nashville No 2 on best jobs for 2013 list

Nashville No 2 on best jobs for 2013 list

Another week, another accolade for Nashville’s economy.

Nashville has been named No. 2 on Forbes list of Best Cities for Jobs 2013, trailing only San Francisco on the list. Last year, Nashville placed No. 9 on the list overall.

This news following on last week’s report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that Nashville had the strongest metro area job growth for all of 2012.

Nashville’s ranking on the Forbes was eye-catching, because the .. See full article @ http://blogs.tennessean.com/business/2013/05/10/forbes-names-nashville-no-2-on-best-jobs-for-2013-list/

Bulldoze your resume and re-create the territory

Bulldoze your resume and re-create the territory

Have you ever watched a big heavy equipment vehicle tear down trees, an old building or a wooded area? And within weeks, a new subdivision or shopping area emerges? I’d like to share with you 5 ways that you can run a bulldozer through your current resume to re-create a keyword rich, accomplishment-laden document that will generate interview requests for you. See full article @ http://www.careerthoughtleaders.com/