8 Strangest Ways to Make a Living

8 Strangest Ways to Make a Living

“It’s not a bad job. I’ve read some books and listened to a few podcasts. A couple of my friends in busier, more generously-paid jobs, are slightly envious.”

–Written for MainStreet by Eric Reed, a freelance journalist who writes frequently on the subjects of career and travel. You can read more of his work at his website http://www.wanderinglawyer.com.
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Who else wants to know how to use Facebook to enhance your career?

Who else wants to know how to use Facebook to enhance your career?

To help hiring managers and recruiters access you and your skills sets, it is now smart to be among those who engage in social networking. To be relevant, you will have to keep up with the newest trends that can connect your skills and your contact information with the best practices that companies now utilize to locate talent. Facebook is a powerful resource to help you to do just that. Here are a few tips to help take you from personal to professional and leverage companies, hiring managers, colleagues who may help in your professional development.
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