Here are 5 ways to create a dynamic Résumé:

Do you feel stuck in your profession but know that you are talented and contribute immensely to the workforce:

Do you have skills and feel that you are capable of doing more from 9 to 5?

Here are 5 ways to create a dynamic Résumé:

I.            Give your set of skills a Title – Demographic Description – ““Logistics Professional/Problem Solving Strategist/Professional Dancer”.

II.            Describe the Problem that existed on the job prior to your employment, then Note the Action that you and your colleagues took to solve it.

III.            Add color that reflects your passion. If you are an Analyst, add bits of dark blue to your resume.

IV.            Explain your responsibilities on the job using a Descriptive word that demonstrates how you have made a difference, using numbers, figures, facts or a graph.

V.            Don’t be afraid to add a Testimony to your Résumé noting your effectiveness.

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