2 Tools to Help Tennessee Get Back to Work

2 Tools to Help Tennessee Get Back to Work – Welcome to Your Resume Support Blog….. #jobs4tn.gov #usajobs.gov #simplyhired.gov #kentucky.gov

Let Me Point it Out For You

Nashville, Clarksville, Springfield, Ashland City Get ready to go back to work with a job-winning resume.

Witth over 200,000 jobs available in Tennessee, job seekers and career changers will need two things to get ready to meet that need:

#1 A Job-Winning Résumé 

#2 Updated skills to meet the workforce load

If you are not sure that your resume is up to par, get a résumé  evaluation from professional résumé  writer and Forbes Coaches Council member, Debra Ann Matthews, M.A., JCDC, JCTC, who works with hundreds of motivated job-seekers and career changers each year. Debra Ann recommends that each job-seeker check their résumé  for best practices that help interviewers and recruiters see your value.

For example:

  • Be sure that your resume has a clearly defined heading which showcases your industry.

HealthCare Human Resources | Business-Driven Information Technology Executive | Chef Specializing in Desserts

  • Add 3 to 5 lines of high-level…

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