Beef Up Your Résumé: Volunteer

Beef Up Your Résumé: Volunteer

Debra Ann Matthews, a career retention specialist and professional résumé writer in Clarksville, Tenn., says it’s important to demonstrate how you made a difference. Portray the connections between the volunteer work and the open position.

For instance, Matthews says many students participate in required community service events as a part of their sorority and fraternity social goals, while others take church-based spring break trips to help serve communities after catastrophes. Whatever the volunteer activity, connect the dots for your potential employer.
“Companies are looking for people who have participated in activities that demonstrate their ability, based on past performance, to handle the job…they are pursuing,” Matthews adds.
Volunteering can help develop project management skills, sales skills, marketing experience, or the task of managing a team. A history of volunteering also suggests that you’re a team player, a quality many employers look for in potential hires.
Once you complete a task, describe your involvement based on the success of your participation.
Here’s an example of Matthews’ résumé demonstrating how to showcase volunteer experience. See article for more details.

One thought on “Beef Up Your Résumé: Volunteer

  1. Reblogged this on connectthedotblog and commented:
    This is great information for our students who are coming to college right out of high school and looking to beef up their resume. If you know your career field, reach out to employers you want to work for and inquire after volunteer opportunities. This is a great way to network, improve your resume and made a sound decision regarding your career of choice.


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