8 Easy Tips for those on unemployment seeking jobs in Clarksville, Memphis, Knoxville, Jackson, Chattanooga, and Nashville, Tennessee

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If you are currently receiving unemployment, here are some tips to help you get ready to enter the workforce. First and foremost, it goes without saying, that  you need a job-winning résumé

Use these tips to help you in land your next professional position:

#1 Look for jobs on the Virtual American Job Center. Use this link: Home | TN Virtual American Job Center (tnvirtualajc.com). They are promoting that they will free services that help you find steady, good-paying jobs all over Tennessee. You can get training, job counseling, financial aid for education, and much more. TIP: If you add a résumé to your jobs for tn dot gov site, be sure to upload one résumé and build another résumé. It can be the same résumé and you call it different names. If you do not do this, employers won’t be able to see it.

#2 If you currently receive food stamps, there is a career counselor specially hired to help you with your job search. Connect with your local career center, formally called America’s Job Center. Tip: Read about all of the support services for those who are SNAP benefit recipients here: SNAP Employment and Training | USDA-FNS . TIP: When you speak with your SNAP counselor, ask him or her to refer to you to a career center counselor to help you with employment and training.

#3 Pay attention to companies who are offering sign on bonuses! YIKES YEP! Look into it – Don’t be shy! The Corrections Industry, McDonalds and many others are offering $500 to $5000 sign on bonuses! TIP: Pay Attention and check out all options for employment. Check out this source for sign on and retention bonuses: https://bit.ly/3coSY3R

#4 Study with Coursera and take advantage of free online trainings. TIP: Click here www.tn.gov/workforce/coursera

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#5 Spend some time at the career centers, attending hiring sessions, classes, and networkingwith the staff. TIP: Locate your local Americas Job Center by clicking here: https://bit.ly/3tAZZo4 .

#6 Apprenticeship jobs are the best ever! TIP: Look for them here: 220 French Landing Dr. Nashville, TN 37243 (423) 715-8027 or via this website: ApprenticeshipTN

#7 IF you need to apply for disability, call 1-800-772-1213 or go to www.ssa.gov/applyfordisability

#8 Got questions about employment, jobs, hiring, etc., Submit a request via lwdsupport.tn.gov.

BONUS TIP: Connect with the Goodwill Career Solutions Center, Salvation Army, Urban League, job Corps, Americorps, VistaCorps

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Take Time to Answer, Then Build Your Resume

Do you realize the impact of your job duties to your company’s success?

Once you take time to survey the way that you help your company to meet its daily, weekly, and quarterly goals, you can then add value to your profession.

Take job descriptions, reviews, MOS for military personnel, testimonies and personal interests to develop your job-winning résumé.

First Answer the following:

  • Gained international experience with __________________________
  • Gathered  __________ data that employed _____________________
  • Generated __% increase ______________
  • Hired ________________
  • Integrated new business ______________
  • Introduced _________________
  • Invited to __________________
  • Juggled __________ projects____
  • Justified ___ of audits for _______
  • Just in time to ___________
  • Lowered  costs by _____________
  • Led _________________________
  • Learned ______________
  • Motivated ____________
  • Monitored group using __________

Once you look at all of the ways that you have contributed, start with those descriptors to build a job-winning resume. And if you need help putting it all together, let us help you!

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Can You Answer This Question About Your Professional Self?


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Here’s a quick way to handle a poor job search strategy: Breathe deeply !

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If You can dream, you can have your ideal career

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5 Things military retirees and vets get to decide about their career now

5 Things military retirees and vets get to decide about their career now

As you decide what you’d like to do for a living in your next job, the type of company that you’d like to work for and the location and salary that your skills can warrant, you have made a start in answering some very important questions for your career outside of the military. You are a capable, confident and interested career changer. Companies are dying to have former military persons on their team. It is incumbent on you to decode your military experiences into readable, understandable skills that can be appreciated by the civilian human resources representatives. As you begin to merge through, keep in mind that your job seeking materials (resume, cover letter, bio, web resume, LinkedIn profile, association membership and networking) is a tool that you will use to network to locate the hidden job market. These are jobs that are not advertised but are certainly waiting to be offered to you build relationships and demonstrate your skills, accomplishments and values to your network.