2 Tools to Help Tennessee Get Back to Work

Nashville, Clarksville, Springfield, Ashland City Get ready to go back to work with a job-winning resume.

Witth over 200,000 jobs available in Tennessee, job seekers and career changers will need two things to get ready to meet that need:

#1 A Job-Winning Résumé 

#2 Updated skills to meet the workforce load

If you are not sure that your resume is up to par, get a résumé  evaluation from professional résumé  writer and Forbes Coaches Council member, Debra Ann Matthews, M.A., JCDC, JCTC, who works with hundreds of motivated job-seekers and career changers each year. Debra Ann recommends that each job-seeker check their résumé  for best practices that help interviewers and recruiters see your value.

For example:

  • Be sure that your resume has a clearly defined heading which showcases your industry.

HealthCare Human Resources | Business-Driven Information Technology Executive | Chef Specializing in Desserts

  • Add 3 to 5 lines of high-level values, accomplishments, or brand.

Shifted team from mediocre performance to innovative, top-of-the-line production output, resulted in each teammember earning 20% bonus quarterly.

  • Beef up on your skills with free training that can be assessed from any America’s Job Service’s site.

Claimants have access to free online training courses through the state’s partnership with Coursera. There are over 4,000 courses from 200 businesses and universities that can prepare an individual to earn a certificate in many programs. www.tn.gov/workforce/coursera

Your résumé is no longer focused on stating your duties at work. Résumés are now expected to market your unique skills. They are a Career Marketing Campaign.

And if you can’t say it, Let Me Write It for You. Ask her for a résumé evaluation and help with your résumé if you are not able to do-it-yourself.

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