Five best in class career transition resume tips

These traits are the traits of winners whom employers need to transition into their companies.You want a prospective employer to pick up your resume and say, “This resume really does have some great experience for someone who has never worked directly in our industry. I think we should interview her or him.

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Dare to Ask a Career Question

How do I use my knowledge of 3 different languages in my job search?

What’s the difference between a regular email and a business email?

What is a 30 second elevator speech and when would I use it?

What’s wrong with my resume? It looks pretty good to me!

What’s LinkedIn?

Now one told me that!

We hear so much jargon about how to develop ourselves and shine for our employers. Many times, entry level, military transition, college graduates, 50+ job seekers, and others are not sure where to go to gain real world answers to help them leverage their skills, talents, and professional interests! Dare to ask a career question!

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For gif what's wrong with your resume

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How do you get to the next place in your job or career?

Do you know how to get where you want to in your job or career?

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Topic: Linkedin… How to use it to get your next professional option

7 Reasons to Attend Talk & Tea Career Club

“7 Reasons to Attend Talk & Tea Career Club” by @Letmewriteit4u on @LinkedIn

Additional comments about the lessons learned:

  • 8 of us talking about careers and learning how to get a job in a strategic manner with HR Specialist Jonnie Clark.
  • Jonni says that she has 5 different resumes for different career goals. 8 of us are having a good time getting the career advice that we need.
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Can You Stomach Your Resume For Lunch?

Imagine that your resume has passed the initial test from a group of hundreds of resumes scanned via the applicant tracking system.

Now it’s time for a group of screeners, recrutiers, or headhunters to sit down over lunch and take a peak. Will your resume cause indigestion or will the palate on your unique marketing brand taste as sweet as a gourmet meal?

Let’s take a look at what you’re serving for lunch with your resume:

  • At first glance, does your resume look tasty?

Visual Appeal is the most important way to wet a headhunters appetite to begin a meal of resume selection. Hold your resume at arms length and just look at it and see if the simple lines and bullets form an attractive view for the text highlighted.

Visual Appeal also includes the resume format that you have chosen to use. In some instances, there are certain formats that are most appropriate for your career area.  Educators use Curriculum Vitae, Government Job Seekers use a format provided from, and other specialty fields may use yet a different format. In other instances, either chronological, functional, or combination formats work as long as the overall marketing message is crystal clear.

Note if there are colors, bold, underline, graphics on your resume for impact. Visually, take a look to see if there are any differences in text that helps your resume to stand out. A testimony at the bottom of your resume is a nice visual to help your viewers to get excited about your resume meal.

  • To start your resume meal, does your introduction start to let us know who you are as a professional?

I am excited to know if  your name is printed in large enough text to stand out. Next, to start the meal off right, recruiters will look for your contact information (email and phone # placed in the top section of your resume indicates that these are the primary way in which you’d like to be contacted)

Does your summary area streamline your most unique value propositions? Are you clearly communicating your talent, your award-winning specialty areas and most importantly, are you giving your readers a taste of how well you start to solve PAIN (problems in the profession)?

  1. Tell me more about how these achievements were accomplished?
  2. How did the team accomplish such a feat?
  3. Where can I learn more about these processes and how they can best be applied to another company’s unique set of challenges?
  • We hope that your resume meal was so hearty, that recruiters, managers, and hiring managers won’t have room for dessert.

Your resume meal is full of relevant, appropriate keywords , establish how well you collaborate projects that have been difficult, and also demonstrate your commitment for performing top-quality work.

Hiring officials have dined supremely on your resume as a meal and now are ready to give you a call to request either a one on one interview, group interview, or interview via skyped. Surely, they will greet you by saying, “Thanks for the a resume that we can actually stomach“!

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What’s Wrong With Your Resume Now?


Are you wondering why you did not get an interview? “What’s Wrong With Your Resume? ¿Qué le pasa a tu currículum? See you tube page for more tips on what may be wrong with your resume. Marc Miller of Re-Purpose Your Career, A practical guide for baby boomers. Career Thought Leaders, April 2014 Marc Miller Your video will be live at:

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