Getting Your First Career Job, What Works, What Does Not!

Getting Your First Career Job, What Works, What Does Not!

Recent Grad: Pass out networking business cards, make it easy for someone to contact you

Debra Ann Matthews shares how she landed her first professional job after graduating by going to networking events including:

#1 Internship in London, England, at the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. While in London, I attended meetings with the European chapter of IABC – the International Association of Business Communicators. I met the editor of the BBC and met a lot of practitioners who worked in Spain, France, and Germany. They impressed upon me the importance of professional memberships.

#2 I attended the professional association meeting in my topic of interest. I met President Clinton’s personal assistant who implored me to value networking, sharing my professional goals and not being afraid to jump into work force with my energy and to share my enthusiasm.

#3 I felt at ease circulating my resume at our local professional monthly seminars in Tennessee. Many of the colleagues sent me job leads via email from their companies and their networks.See complete article @