6 Steps to UP Your Resume Game Completely

Would you hire you? Take a look at yourself.

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Everyone of us can use an update, a critique, a lift, a polish. And when you are seeking to grab the hiring managers attention, it is paramount that when crafting your job-winning resume, you can’t stop just at the resume. What are you gonna do after you are invited for the first interview?

1st Step is to proof your resume for inherit challenges. Do you have a gender-neutral name? Has your previous employer changed names? Did you have a long unemployment gap? Do you need your job search to be confidentiality? Did you leave the world of work due to personal reasons (caring for a sick family member)? Have you been underemployed and are seeking to align your talents with your potential?

Seek the help of a professional resume writer to help shape your job-winning resume.

2nd Step is to check with your references prior to submitting their names and be certain that they are aware of your professional value.

Email your references a copy of your resume and also send a copy by snail mail.

3rd Step is to check your online presence by googling yourself and see what comes up.

Landing an interview is only the first step. Understanding how to move to the next step is a big part of the resume process. Be aware of how you are viewed on social media. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile showcases your personality, passion, and also the skills that you care most about.

4th Step is to mind your grooming. Hair, nails, facial hair, posture, diction, little points (earrings, nose rings, belts, buckles, shoes, socks, stockings, skirt length, tightness of pants, panty lines, various color hair (unless you will be working in a creative field), elbows, knuckles, open toe shoes).

Double check your grooming. It matters.

5th Step is to update your outfit and take new pictures to make sure that you look like a WINNER! Everyone wants to be on a winning team. Do you look the part?

Look good, look relevant, look inviting, look like a winner!

Yes, I do see a winner. Teddy Mosier is almost ready to go!!


Even your resume writer, Debra Ann can use a good sprucing up! Resume writer, ready to go !!

6th Step is to showcase your Ready to GO look and speak on your subject matter expertise!

Here you go 2 winners. Ready to help our companies, clients, and colleagues win!

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Dare to Ask a Career Question

How do I use my knowledge of 3 different languages in my job search?

What’s the difference between a regular email and a business email?

What is a 30 second elevator speech and when would I use it?

What’s wrong with my resume? It looks pretty good to me!

What’s LinkedIn?

Now one told me that!

We hear so much jargon about how to develop ourselves and shine for our employers. Many times, entry level, military transition, college graduates, 50+ job seekers, and others are not sure where to go to gain real world answers to help them leverage their skills, talents, and professional interests! Dare to ask a career question!

If you could ask any question, what would you ask?

Are you too shy to ask it?

Well, never fear, we are here!

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How do you get to the next place in your job or career?

Do you know how to get where you want to in your job or career?

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Little known ways to develop a critically compelling cover letter

Paste a Video URL

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Is your resume like dinosaur

Is your resume like  dinosaur

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4 Ways Your Relationship With Yourself Is Reflected on Your Resume

4 Ways Your Relationship With Yourself Is Reflected on Your Resume

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Debra Ann Matthews and the staff at Let Me Write It For You offers clients assistance in identifying the best ways to highlight their skills and proven attributes to capture the attention of hiring officials in their ideal jobs with targeted resumes, LinkedIn profiles and career coaching. Visit her site at http://www.jobwinningresumes.net

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8 Resume Do Nots

8 Resume Do Nots

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