Celebrating in Advance: What’s Right With Your Resume

…can’t wait to share my love of crafting resumes with you (my 1st live training)

Hi, I’m Debra Ann. I spend most of my time learning. Some of my favorite days were spent on the hill at UT, that’s the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, (that is for my Texas supporters) siting in English Literature classes, dissecting and divulging the meanings of words, concepts; justifying my own interpretation of famous and not-so-famous literary artists including… Oh I can’t remember those old folks names now, but I loved learning about Malcolm X, Paula Giddens, Alex Hailey, and of course Nikki Giovonni and other local Tennessee writers and artists. I later learned the value of all of those speech, communications, rhetoric classes is just what I am able to do right now= Read, Research, and Write Resumes. I absolutely love taking my clients experiences and showing them how I can help them target them in a way that hiring managers and recruiters can see their value.

Send me a message with any resume questions to be answered in class on my National Resume Writers Association link @ https://bit.ly/2Y669yH

I invite you join me in my first Live training. You are invited. Come get a powerpack 7 Minutes of Resume Best. Not only will you get 7 of the Best resume tips to transform your dull resume and give it life, you will get to take part in a BONUS live one on one session with me, finalizing your updated resume and cover letter. DM me so that I can let you know when my 1st Master RESUME Class will happen and you can sign up. This will be the best 7 Minutes of Your life! Gauranteed~

When you register, you will get your BONUS materials immediatety.

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Debra Ann uses her extroverted personality to help reach her clients who feel passionate about their jobs and careers but can’t express the difference they make. Ms. Matthews has extensive experience with not for profit community service projects including President Clinton’s AmeriCorps, Up With People, and Job Corps. She combines her love for service and her passion for sharing knowledge with job seekers and career changers by offering to train (adjunct college professor or public speaker) or participate in interviews. She has served as the New Business Owner Representative/Military Group for the National Resume Writers Association Board. She is also a member of Forbes Coaches Council, and is a Career Affiliate with Career Thought Leaders.  She has trained with Richard Knowdell of the Career Development Network, earning her certifications as a Job and Career Transition Coach and Job and Career Development Coach.  Send your email to register for What’s Right With Your Resume course at https://bit.ly/2Y669yH.

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Consider 3 Ways to Improve Your Presence on Social Media

Forbes Coaches Council Member

#1 – See an image consultant and get some ideas on how to maximize your look
#2 – Hire a shopper to revamp your wardrobe to showcase your professional self in a manner that says, “Yes I am competent and have much to offer!”
#3 – Combine the 2 and wear your new outfits and take some pictures and highlight on your social media sites.

Image matters.
Looking as if you are healthy and competent from your head to your shoes matter.
Having a fresh, up to date hair style matters.
Projecting a groomed, well shaven, arched eyebrow, neat nails and non-offensive colors matter.

There are many gurus who love imaging workers. There are many photographers who can take headshots and location shots that are professionally done to showcase you best attributes.

It is well worth the efforts.
Sometimes you can’t get pass the interview because you do not look the part. Sometimes your etiquette is not up to par so you appear not to be an ideal cultural fit for the company.

Show us your best professional self. We’d love to see how your project a wonderful image on the job.


And if you need help, please let us know. Connect with us at info@jobwinningresumes.net or 931-269-WR1T (9718).

Half of the Job Seeking Battle is Having Someone to Call

We call it coaching these days because resume writers ‘coach’ our clients through each phase of their job search process.

We Explain new considerations for connecting with hiring managers.

We Advise on options for career directions.

We Admonish to through out old resume terms, outdated perceptions of success.

6 Reasons You'll Get the Job Book
6 Reasons You’ll Get the Job Book

We Throw Out even old styles of professionalism for fresh, healthy authentic branded statements along with carefully prepared communications with a WIIFT (what’s in it for them) mindset.

We Cheer On our clients each step of the way.

Job Seekers:

  • Text us when they land an interview
  • Tweet us when they connect with a mentor in a business luncheon
  • FaceBook us to refer a colleague
  • Leave us Google+ messages when they negotiate job offers for $10,000 more than the job posted.

Professional resume writers and certified career coaches train, keep their skills updated, earn CEU credits so that they can help motivated job seekers and career changers move to a different opportunity. The most important part of  helping professionals is to admonish them to understand how to connect with recruiters, industry leader, and colleagues who have like minded career interests. That’s when opportunities are shared.

We are hear to cheer you on!

Debra Ann will serve as 2016 NRWA Dir of  Industry, Workforce, Military, Community Career Services
Debra Ann will serve as 2016 NRWA Dir of Industry, Workforce, Military, Community Career Services

Debra Ann Matthews is the author of “Is Your Resume like a Dinosaur?” She is the editor of  jobwinningresumes.wordpress.com blog, the New Business Owner Representative for the National Resume Writers Association and a Member of Career Directors International. She is a career affiliate with Career Thought Leader, writes for Examiner dot com, Ezine Articles and Local Job Network.

Connect with her @ www.linkedin.com/in/letmewriteit4u or http://www.facebook.com/letmewriteit4u.

Check out her mobile site URL m.jobwinningresumes.net.