How do you get to the next place in your job or career?

Do you know how to get where you want to in your job or career?

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Topic: Linkedin… How to use it to get your next professional option

Do you want a job? Check out Here Today, Hired Tomorrow!!

Hope this finds you well. Life is great here in my rapidly transforming corner of East Nashville. I wanted to let you know that the book I’ve been writing, Here Today, Hired Tomorrow, is finally out!

Between the music business and the economy, I’ve experienced SIX layoffs in my career. All that time in transition combined with research talking to recruiters and career professionals culminated in writing a book designed to help expedite getting you to the next stage of your career. I’ve used the system I teach in the book for my last three job searches, and it’s gotten me the position I wanted every time. It’s available in paperback or as an eBook on Amazon; link below.


  • A comprehensive action plan with suggested action items
  • How to network your way into nearly any company
  • Downloadable customizable templates, so no retyping or guessing what to say

I have a few favors to ask…

  • If you’re not in job search mode right now, please keep this book in mind!
  • Recommend it to those you know who are currently in transition. If you or a friend read it, please leave a brief review at Amazon.
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— Kurt Kirton

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“…If you follow the recipe presented in this book, you will find what you’re looking for.”  –Stephanie Harrison, Sr. Creative Recruiter • Robert Half Technology

7 Reasons to Attend Talk & Tea Career Club

“7 Reasons to Attend Talk & Tea Career Club” by @Letmewriteit4u on @LinkedIn

Additional comments about the lessons learned:

  • 8 of us talking about careers and learning how to get a job in a strategic manner with HR Specialist Jonnie Clark.
  • Jonni says that she has 5 different resumes for different career goals. 8 of us are having a good time getting the career advice that we need.
  • Excellent questions are asked in today’s Talk and Tea… What’s a salary requirement? How do I connect on LinkedIn? Do I have to have an elevator speech? What are your career questions? See ya at our next Talk and Tea.— at Get Some Coffee.

Cèst merveilleux: Those Negative Thoughts Won’t Help! Networking Will

Cèst merveilleux ~ My session is scheduled on Saturday… The session page is now up! You can find it at: It’s called “Those Negative Thoughts Won’t Help! Networking Will: 7 Needed Networks for Psychology Professionals. Now Ain’t That Good News !!

Problem resume? Join BCWN Career Mentor Debra Ann Matthews, What’s Wrong With Your Resume Presentation

Problem resume? Join BCWN Career Mentor Debra Ann Matthews, What's Wrong With Your Resume Presentation

Problem resume? Are you wondering why you did not get an interview? “What’s Wrong With Your Resume? ¿Qué le pasa a tu currículum?
Join BCWN Career Mentor Debra Ann Matthews, What’s Wrong With Your Resume Presentation on the teleseminar, 4/10 11:30 CST

Today’s Free Seminars help you to get your job and career search on

Today's Free Seminars help you to get your job and career search on

• Sunday, November 10th, 8 pm Eastern Replay of Break all the Rules and Get that Dream Job! by Liz Ryan, CEO of Human Workplace, a former Fortune 500 Human Resources VP and the world’s most widely-read career and workplace advisor.
• Monday, Nov 11th 3 pm Eastern How to Navigate Applicant Tracking Systems, Robin Schlinger, Certified Federal Resume Writer (CFRW), Certified Electronic Career Coach (CECC), Job and Career Transition Coach, and more…
• Monday, Nov 11th 6pm Eastern The Importance of Securing a Professional Internship, Robert Shindell, Ph.D., Vice President & Chief Learning Officer for Intern Bridge, Inc.
• Monday, Nov 11th 9 pm Eastern Earn What You’re Really Worth by Brian Tracy, Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International.
• Tuesday, Nov 12th 3pm Eastern Build Your Online Reputation: How to Create the Right Digital Dirt by Hannah Morgan, nationally recognized influencer of pro-active job search.
• Tuesday, Nov 12th 6pm Eastern Discovering and Removing Obstacles in your Job Search by Elisabeth Sanders, nationally-acclaimed ‘tough career transitions’ expert.
• Tuesday, Nov 12th 9 pm Eastern How to Find a Career that Excites You by J.T. O’Donnell, Career Strategist and Workplace Consultant.
• Wednesday, Nov 13th 3 pm Eastern Preparing Veterans and Others for Federal Employment by Nancy H. Segal, federal human resources training and job search expert.
• Wednesday, Nov 13th 6pm Eastern How to Communicate for Success in your Job Search by Laura Labovich, CEO of The Career Strategy Group.
• Wednesday, Nov 13th 9 pm Eastern Entrepreneurship: Creating a Business Plan by Grant Cooper, founder and president of Strategic Resumes & Business Plans.
• Thursday, Nov 14th 3 pm Eastern Great Jobs for Everyone 50+ by Kerry Hannon, bestselling author and Washington, DC-based career, retirement and personal finance expert.
• Thursday, November 14th 6pm Eastern Networking (On and Off line) by Loretta Peters , Founder of Enterprising Careers, LLC, and CEO of Competitive Edge Branding.

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Career questions ex-prisons ask about getting a good job & other considerations

Career questions ex-prisons ask about getting a good job & other considerations

As a human being, the God-given right to work and enhance one’s career, is a simple right as much as breathing. However, many ex-felons, former inmates, convicted persons feel isolated and unsure how to proceed forward in rebuilding their professional lives. This article is an effort to offer ways in which those who have had relationships with the prison system in some way can ask questions that they have an itching and burning desire to know as far as how to develop their professional selves

3 Reasons to rev up your resume in 30 minutes

3 Reasons to rev up your resume in 30 minutes

Louise Kursmark has a book entitled, “30 Minute Resume Makeover”. I would like to give those motivated job seekers and career changers who are excellent writers, 3 compelling reasons to purchase Louise’s book and change your resume….

3 Reasons to rev up your resume in 30 minutes. Take a look at it here:

5 Things that Military Retirees and Veterans get to decide about their career now

5 Things that Military Retirees and Veterans get to decide about their career now For additional information see