Answer 3 Critical Questions to Figure Out Your Professional ROI

It’s not good enough to have a a good linkedin profile full of text, or a resume that is to 3 pages long but really full of fluff or a mindset that says, “I want a job that pays more money that I am making now!” It’s only good enough when you can clearly communicate the traits, talents, skills, and successes that you have been a part of in your past, that point to your intended future opportunity.

Answer these 3 Critical Questions to Figure Out Your Professional ROI:

  1. Describe your ideal next position?
  2. What do you want to do?
  3. What are your signature strengths?

If nothing else, when you start to answer these questions, be honest, authentic, and think critically about yourself and your contributions.

Go for what you know. Reach. Stretch your imagination. It’s okay to do what you want to do. Figure out what really drives you.

Keep fine tuning your professional self and generate your marketable value.

Here’s a Handy Tool Kit Includes:

“4 Reasons to Ask Questions About Your Career”

“Supercharge Your Job Search” 

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TORI Award Winning Sharon Williams and CARW, Certified Advanced Resume Writer, Debra Ann Matthews are at your service.
TORI Award Winning Sharon Williams and CARW, Certified Advanced Resume Writer, Debra Ann Matthews are at your service.

Supercharge Your Job Search

Supercharge Your Job Search

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