Let’s Go, Let’s Support, Let’s Help Others Win!

They say that if you want to be successful, help someone else to reach their goals. Well, here are 2 ways to do just that!

#1- Semi-Professional Ladies Basketball Team arrives in Nashville, TN http://www.musiccityicons.com

#2 – Youth Organization Supports Healthy Lifestyle and Development in Clarksville, TN http://www.leaporg.net

Renee Bobb is taking on a new venture as owner of the Music City Icons Women’s Basketball Team. Can you imagine the strength and power of supporting 14 dynamic women who are skills as athletics, bright, and passionate about entering this new venture in professional athletics. Starting today, let’s support the Music City Icons Women’s Basketball Team… # iFundWomen Crowdfunding Campaign. …

Thank you for your support !

LEAP stands to help youth from ages 11 to 18 balance their lives in a productive, helpful, hopeful manner. They work to build good, healthy character, motivating associations and share career and skills with young people with work place tours, travels around the United States and encouragement to seek training beyond high school.

Gala - Scholarship Winners.jpg

LEAP seeks benefactors to invest in our future and to help make LEAP Plaza a permanent home and sustainable source of revenue for our youth development programs. Our goal is to raise $2,000,000 over the next five years to retire two mortgages and to stabilize our operations through 2021. LEAP has a business plan to operate primarily through earned revenue from rent and service fees yielded through business incubation partnerships. The direct impact of these investments is greater/increased service to youth who are at-risk in our communities. The implementation of this plan is already underway and will be fully operational by the end of this campaign. Earned income from the business incubator will sustain LEAP’s youth development programs. We currently serve 200 youth per year. By 2021, we project serving 425.

  • Let’s help LEAP with donations in any amount to secure a permanent place for youth and young adults to thrive!!
  • The Success Rate includes helping over 1,000 students since it’s inception in 2007. Of 532 tested for controlled substances 433 (81%) have ben discontinued using. Of 290 students with criminal/delinquent backgrounds, 204 (70%) refrained from committing additional offences.
  • I’m inviting you to support my fundraising for the LEAP Organization. Please find out more and donate here: http://igfn.us/vf/360/DebraAnnMatthews.

We hope that you enjoy supporting great ventures in the community. Know that we contribute  monthly and we continue to offer support to all good things to help youth and to encourage business dynamics. You are invited to tour LEAP Plaza, attend our 1st season Music City  basketball.

Let me know if you need more information about either organization.

Danke, Merci Beaucoup, Gracias.

Debra Ann Matthews



Interested in Business…5 Resources to Help Available Entrepreneurial Hopefuls

Are you interested in business ? Are you looking to open a franchise? A group home? Or a restaurant one of these days? Take advantage of the many resources in the Kentucky, Clarksville, and Montgomery County community to help you learn…… Check out these awesome support tools………


#1 Wednesday March 8th – 2017 Regional Entrepreneur Conference, Hopkinsville, KY Register at Eventbrite 270-707-3750

#2 Every 3rd Wednesday – On Post Coaching at Fort Campbell Education Center, Room 1103 See Penny Fletcher, Asst Dir Ky Innovation Network 2800 Fort Campbell Blvd, Hopkinsville, KY Penny@kyinnovation.com

#3 Entrepreneur Mastermind Group #1 and #2 March 18th 10 10 am to 12 noon and May 6, 10 am to 12 noon Register online at http://www.leaporg.net/cec. Click on The Training Schedule to select Mastermind Group.

#4 Marketing Bootcamp $19 Wednesday, March 29th 8 am to 430 pm Murray State University Hopkinsville campus, 5305 Fort Campbell Blvd, Hopkinsville, KY. Register at https://mktbookcamp.eventbrite.com . Keynote speakers include: Jonas Neihoff and Sean Wallace

#5 SBA, Chamber of Commerce, PTAC, Pathway Womens Center (men are permitted to attend session too!)

And If you have questions, please ask. I know that between the many of us who are small business owners, we can get you an answer!

Cheers. Be sure to drop us a line and let us know what type of business you offer your clients….. info@jobwinningresumes.net

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Business is a Great Way to Serve as an Entrepreneur!

Clarksville Entrepreneur Center ~ 1860 Wilma Rudolph Blvd ~ Clarksville, TN 37040 9321.614-0440 http://www.leaporg.net


Pause for the rest of the year and plan your job search

There are a few weeks left in the year and we welcome you to enjoy the season but at some point we ask you to pause. Pause and think about your plans for 2014 and beyond? As a woman who has been working for a while or even a woman who is in an entry-level stage of your job and career, we are asking you to simply pause and consider your future career – your future small business – your future professional goal. As you pause and plan your job search in 2014, understand that you must find out how the game works, do what works and learn to do it properly. Stop being a part of the same ole thing: unfulfilled professional life and broken promises to yourself. Start at the end of this year with the end in mind for 2014. Doing it like everyone else will lead u to be unemployed longer or out of a job longer, underemployed longer and generally dissatisfied with your lot in your professional life.

See complete article for Pause for the rest of the year and plan your job search by clicking on this website: http://shar.es/DJCYm.

And if you can’t say it Let Me Write It For You at 931.269.WR1T (9718). Connect with us on LinkedIn @ http://www.linkedin.com/in/letmewriteit4u or via our website @ http://www.jobwinningresumes.net.

What do you do ?

Debra Ann uses her extroverted personality to help reach her clients who feel passionate about their jobs and careers but can’t express the difference they make. Ms. Matthews has extensive experience with not for profit community service projects including President Clinton’s AmeriCorps, Up With People, and Job Corps. She combines her love for service and her passion for sharing knowledge with job seekers and career changers by offering classes (adjunct teacher), training s and working with motivated job seekers. She is a member of the National Resume Writers Association Career Directors International and has attended sessions with Career Thought Leaders and Career Development Network. Recently, she earned her certification as a Job and Career Transition Coach and Job and Career Development Coach. Her clients appreciate the service that her company has provided and attest by saying, “I feel as if I can now market my skills and exceed the demands needed to obtain a bids/contract with my business resume in this aggressive market. R. Corleon. Business Owner, Tennessee. See http://jobwinningresumes.net