Cèst merveilleux: Those Negative Thoughts Won’t Help! Networking Will

Cèst merveilleux ~ My session is scheduled on Saturday… The session page is now up! You can find it at: http://www.apa.org/convention/activities/job-fair/session-schedule.aspx. It’s called “Those Negative Thoughts Won’t Help! Networking Will: 7 Needed Networks for Psychology Professionals. Now Ain’t That Good News !!

What are your top 3 greatest career hits

What are your top 3 greatest career hits

What are your top 3 greatest career hits? See full article at http://shar.es/TAyTj

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Is your resume like dinosaur

Is your resume like  dinosaur

It is the responsibility of the job seeker to continue to update their job-seeking skills and competencies to learn best practices to garner the attention of hiring managers. It is no longer acceptable to play the dinosaur role as a passive job-seeker. For top rated information on best practices, see job hunt dot com. Let me write it for you is equipped to take novice dinosaur job-seekers with award-winning career coaching and transformation of boring dinosaur resumes to job-winning resumes. See article @ http://shar.es/lqs2g via @sharethis