4 Tips to Tackle Your Resumes Perception Challenge

It is vital that your resume is physically attractive and content rich, laden with skills, accomplishments and evidence of how you solve companies PAIN.

Do you realize that your resume’s main purpose is to secure an interview? I have heard of some talented persons who have received interview request in as little as 6 to 12 hours after posting their resume for the jobs that they desire. Do you know why this occurred? Simply because their resume displayed succinctly who they are and how they want to be perceived in the workplace. To win at communicating who you are and your perception on a resume, it is imperative that you understand these 2 things first of all:

#1 Identify your career interests, goals and objectives. This foundation will help you to know the type of position that you are seeking.

#2 Relate what you have done professionally and academically with what you want to do next? Yes, you must know what you want to do and then what the market place is seeking.

Now you must tie these 2 ideas into a neat, strategic plan on your resume to showcase your unique marketable value.

Update Your Resume Month
It is vital that your resume is physically attractive and content rich, laden with skills, accomplishments and evidence of how you solve companies PAIN.

When preparing your resume, consider these 4 perceptions that your job-winning resume must consider:

#1 Sell your skills – don’t tell me. Show those who view your resume the power in your past jobs, interns, community service activities, and academic trainings. Use an action work to start and add value using #’s, $, and % of success. Did you direct, manage, coordinate, help a cross-cultural group of persons, help raise $ for a charitable event, or work independently to complete a project? Sell your skills in this manner.

#2 Know the keywords that are a part of your profession. Use them. If you don’t know them, then try to go to the occupational outlook handbook and look them up. Better yet, look up job leads and note the frequently used words in the job description. Each professional area has its own distinctive set of commonly used words.

#3 Focus your resume on the big accomplishments and not the little things. We can imagine that you can do the job, but we need to know how you made a difference in the things that you have done. For example, “Did you supervise in a way that saved revenue, increased profits or saved time?” “Did you streamline procedures to help the team meet their goals?”

#4 Eliminate all confusion on your resume. Make it as easy as possible for hiring officials and search committees to read your resume quickly. Check your format, grammar, punctuation, and style on your resume. Make the information easy to find. Add the most important information at the beginning of the sentence if possible. Be consistent in the way that information is displayed.

2012-10-13 13.29.48
And by the way, the above picture is a group of stellar, award-winning, dynamic career professionals recognized at the 2013 Career Directors Conference for service and unique contributions to the industry. See http://careerdirectors.com/ for more information on how they can assist you with your executive career communications.

Even though you see a group of top resume writers in the country, there are no resume writing rules. And this challenge may lend itself to many different ideas about content, style, format, or delivery in resume writing. However the one consistent theme that we can all agree on is that all good resumes that seek to win over interviews should be consistent and persistent in their delivery.

Share with us how you have managed to make your resumes perception consistent? I’d love to know what you think. And If you can’t say it Let Me Write It For You.

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Let’s Help Get Your Resume Shining ! Free Resume Classes


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Awesome Sauce That What Cover Letters Add…

Take a look at it here…. “Cover Letter… … What is a Cover Letter?” https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/cover-letter-what-debra-ann-matthews-ma-jctc by @Letmewriteit4u on @LinkedIn


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6 Clues to What’s Wrong With Your Resume: Free Class

Debra Ann will serve as 2016-7 NRWA Dir of  Industry, Workforce, Military, Community Career Services

What’s wrong with your resume?

I bet you don’t have a clue!

2014-09-19 11.05.45
Debra Ann will serve as 2016-7 NRWA Dir of Industry, Workforce, Military, Community Career Services

It sure is surprising when we present our very best and get little to no response. I attended our annual National Resume Writer’s Association Conference in Annapolis, Maryland, last week and if I heard it once, I heard it stated twice, that:

If you are not getting interviews, it’s your resume! 

Many others have much to say about this interviewing-grabbing document that we call a resume.

#1 – Avoid the old school big block format. Give your resume an appealing look.

#2 – Use active voice! Give your resume spice and energy. Avoid using “responsible for, assisted, provide, performed, tasked, and in addition to.”

#3 – Take out acronyms and technical jargon. Make sure that anyone outside of your line of work can understand your resume.

#4 – Don’t turn in irrelevant resumes. Match your work experience section to the targeted position.

#5 – Don’t demonstrate mediocre data. Hiring officials want to read about your unique contributions to your job. Include your best accomplishments!

#6 – Add education – Go beyond just the degree and college name. Include a list of courses and / or descriptions of three significant projects.

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Do You Need A Grant? Maybe Not


Do You Need A Grant? Maybe Not # 3 Things You Need Instead

I contend that most people want free money to use to enhance their business. And don’t we all. However, most organizations don’t necessarily offer this exact option in this exact way. They do however, offer your established business an option to showcase how you can solve their business problem and reward your efforts with grants. But Wait! Before that, you need money. YOU NEED $$$. So instead of getting a grant tomorrow, let’s give you 3 resources to help you to add some $$$ in your companies pocket prior to getting that ideal grant.

#1 – Get yourself a business proposal and submit it to 3 to 5 companies who will hire you right away and pay you to execute your service or deliver your product. How do you find said commercial or government project? EASY… Go to onvia.com or to the DODGE Report ( http://dodge.construction.com/reports/print/newspapers.asp).

#2 – Find more options for jobs/subcontract options via Federal Business Opportunities. https://www.fbo.gov/ .

#3 – Ask for financial support from a crowd funding campaign: See Top Crowd funding Sites (http://entm.ag/1Q9RmMp).

You have your work set out for you. Be sure that you include your cover letter/welcome letter, business resume, media kits, proposals, and other documents to share with these funding sources based on their needs. To get an idea of how to present your materials, Look for an explanation on findrfp.com (http://findrfp.com/). Options for funding are broken down by business area ( for instance, construction, landscapes, professional services, etc). ME_Presenting_Civitan

Here’s hoping that you find value in this article. Please email me if you would like a copy of my book, 125 Nonprofits You Can Start or 101 Ways to Skyrocket Your Career. Do let me know if I can be of assistance to you as well. Good news is welcomed! Like my FB page – http://www.facebook.com/letmewriteit4u (I can like yours too)

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Getting Grant Ready? Are you Ready?

Let’s Go. You want some $$$ to help your business, or to get your business started, or to get equipment. I used to laugh aloud when people would tell me this – but now I have learned that grant $$ actually exist to help out! Now, guess what?

2016-05-11 17.21.20

You have to get GRANT READY.

Tune into my FB page each day for a video tip on getting grant ready.

Soon, we will offer the big class for you to implement most of the grant ready ideas that we have been talking about.

Feel free to ask questions, make constructive positive comments and jump in on the conversation of Getting Grant Ready.

Listen to this interview that we did a few days ago on Grants. There are 3 good tips for you to use in your business. What Do You Do & 4 Grants to Help You Do It? Dr. Cece Brown & Black Women on the Move with Debra Ann Matthews. http://bit.ly/4Grants2HelpYou


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