Ms. Debra Ann Matthews recognized the need to assist people with
delivering positive career related attributes a few years ago.

She’s most excited about extending her passion for helping motivated job seekers showcase their skills, potential and demonstrated success to the nation’s top organizations who eagerly await their presence! As the Best Master Degree Resume Writer This Side of the Mississippi, Ms. Matthews offers her clients Resume Services, DISC Assessment Services, Writing Assistance, Proofreading, Job Search, Resume Distribution Services and Career Counseling.

She also serves as a public speaker on various topics of interests to business networking groups, high school organizations, non-profits and others. As she likes to say, “Can’t Say It? Let Me Write It For You!


5 thoughts on “About Job-Winning Resumes

    1. Thanks Michael. I want to help our soldiers and spouses to really understand important information about their resumes and most importantly their career direction. There is work to be put in as a professional and we need to address those issues, helping people to focus on their interests, aptitudes and values in their professional life. Once this is the key to their ‘work’, all good things will come to them professionally ! Thanks for your comment and here’s looking at Writing it For U! Debra Ann


    1. Thanks Bridget, it is important to support our community by sharing some of the best practices that I learned over the last 12 months about resumes, job search services and developing professional lives. We are the fastest growing city in the State of Tennessee. Good things are happening in Clarksville. I appreciate your support! Debra Ann


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