Top 3 Ailing Comments I Hear from Job Seekers in Clarksville, Tennessee That A Good Resume Would Cure

Top 3 Ailing Comments I Hear from Job Seekers in Clarksville That A Good Resume Would Cure

Clarksville, Tennessee, is one the fastest growing cities in the nation and every single day, I see job seekers on Facebook in many groups asking the dumbest questions about their job interests that a good resume would solve. Consider these comments:

  • “Who is hiring? Preferably not fast food”.
  • “ISO any places in Clarksville hiring for $14 an hour or higher”.
  • “Who is hiring in Clarksville? No food places please and it had to be flexible with school”. (Poor grammar left intentionally as these are actual real comments from job seekers)

Honorable Mention:

  • “Any jobs hiring that you can start ASAP”?

When you have a great resume, and inquire about jobs, you speak as a knowledgeable, skills laden person ready to help companies in a specified industry as you know that companies want workers who want to be there. There are well over 1000 different types of jobs to have in any one city. I want to encourage each job seeker to understand how to seek specific jobs based on their interest, aptitude, and values.

For those who need to learn about various jobs, let’s sit down and have a coaching session.

Debra Ann Matthews, Forbes Coaches Council, M.A., JCTC, JCDC, NRWA, Career Thought Leaders

4 Steps to Learn How to Lead with A Resume in Clarksville, Tennessee

Step 1 Get Your Salary Table by Clicking Here This way you can learn about salaries and have a good understanding of what’s feasible for your family and lifestyle.

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Step 3  Pick up your copy of E-BookResume Tips from A to Z $199 Value $59

Step 4 And if you can’t write it, Let Me Write It For You. If you’d like some additional help with a job-winning resume, we’re offering a special discount (on this page only) for our Clarksville, Montgomery County job seekers and career changers.

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