Consider 3 Ways to Improve Your Presence on Social Media

Forbes Coaches Council Member

#1 – See an image consultant and get some ideas on how to maximize your look
#2 – Hire a shopper to revamp your wardrobe to showcase your professional self in a manner that says, “Yes I am competent and have much to offer!”
#3 – Combine the 2 and wear your new outfits and take some pictures and highlight on your social media sites.

Image matters.
Looking as if you are healthy and competent from your head to your shoes matter.
Having a fresh, up to date hair style matters.
Projecting a groomed, well shaven, arched eyebrow, neat nails and non-offensive colors matter.

There are many gurus who love imaging workers. There are many photographers who can take headshots and location shots that are professionally done to showcase you best attributes.

It is well worth the efforts.
Sometimes you can’t get pass the interview because you do not look the part. Sometimes your etiquette is not up to par so you appear not to be an ideal cultural fit for the company.

Show us your best professional self. We’d love to see how your project a wonderful image on the job.


And if you need help, please let us know. Connect with us at or 931-269-WR1T (9718).


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