Dare to Ask a Career Question

How do I use my knowledge of 3 different languages in my job search?

What’s the difference between a regular email and a business email?

What is a 30 second elevator speech and when would I use it?

What’s wrong with my resume? It looks pretty good to me!

What’s LinkedIn?

Now one told me that!

We hear so much jargon about how to develop ourselves and shine for our employers. Many times, entry level, military transition, college graduates, 50+ job seekers, and others are not sure where to go to gain real world answers to help them leverage their skills, talents, and professional interests! Dare to ask a career question!

If you could ask any question, what would you ask?

Are you too shy to ask it?

Well, never fear, we are here!

Come out to Get Some Coffee and Ask away!

On Saturday, August 15th at 10 am, we will gather for a cup of tea and answer all of your career questions. if you’d like to ask in advanced, please shoot us a question at letmewriteitforyou@gmail.com or text us at 931.269.WR1T (9718).

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