“Resume Writers Don’t Give Up On Your Lower Level Clients” by @Letmewriteit4u on @LinkedIn

Have you ever received a client contact and you felt deep down that they were not very accomplished ? Or at the very least could not afford your packages? How about that call you received from an accountant or construction worker who were formerly incarcerated? Feel like you can’t help these groups of clients?

Well, let’s take a look at 2 points to help you never to give up on your clients:

See complete article at http://linkd.in/1ClVeBe

Debra Ann Matthews, M.A., JCTC is a passionate career coach and resume writer who works with hundreds of clients throughout her career to achieve their dreams. Her extensive experience includes helping in President Clinton’s AmeriCorps, Up With People, and Job Corps. She loves to help motivated career changers in her business Let Me Write It For You. She’s noted in USAA Military, NBC Chicago, MSN Latino, Monster, Monster Working, Calgary Sun, Money Mix, & Careerbuilder.co.uk. Connect with her on LinkedIn at letmewriteit4u.


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