Godly Men Are Needed Now More Then Ever

Wonderful reminder of God who loves order. Good to encourage our men to rise. Thanks Greg!

It's All About Him

As a young man growing up, sometimes I did not understand the importance or impact that I had as a man. As I grew older and wiser I have learned that right now the world needs men to take their rightful place. There are a lot of young men out there who feel as if their lives do not matter of feel as if they are not important, when in reality Godly men are needed now more then ever. Why? Take a look at the world that we live in and maybe you can understand.

So what does a godly man do, what separates a godly man from any other man out there? Well first and foremost he understands the role that he has on his family. If he is married and has children he understands that his wife is looking for him to be the head of the household…

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