One thought on “Tele-seminar: What’s Wrong With Your Resume?

  1. Comments from Attendees…Hello Debra Ann, thank you for the teleconference today. I feel I have many of the components on my resume you mentioned on the call, however I’m not receiving call backs so something is wrong. M. Mcintyre
    What’s Wrong With Your Resume… Listen to this link to get an idea….

    Afternoon Debra Ann, Your tele-conference was very informative. There were a couple of “ah ha” moments and now I understand why I haven’t been getting interviews. In addition, please send me your career success standard. Thank you and have a wonderful evening! D. Mobley

    Greetings, I attended the Black Women’s Network Conference call. The topic today was an elaborate discussion about Resumes. The call was refreshing and enlightening. I am interested in receiving Job Search and Value Worksheets as well as a list of Ivy League on-line courses. Review my resume, please. C. Taylor


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