4 Questions to ask yourself once your resume is complete

It is 2014 and yes, things have changed quite a bit. Everyone has calmed down a bit about the recession and it’s back to job search mode or career change mode for you. We hope that in the new year, each motivated job seeker has determined to do more: Learn More, Showcase More, and Deliver More as it relates to your professional development. It is okay to job search, but it is more important to understand how you, as a professional, fit into your profession. As you review and revise your resume (And it is advisable to do this if you have not receive an offer to interview within 30 days of putting your resume out there!), you are encouraged to ask yourself these 4 Questions and imagine if a hiring manager or interviewer would ask these same questions if they were to look at your resume:

1. Why would you say that?

Be certain that when your resume is viewed, each and every sentence on the page is evidently, crystal clear! Your name should be in larger print from the rest of the document, in order to stand out. Your contact information should be crystal clear, whether you add your full address or your city and state only. Be sure to add your LinkedIn profile, email address and blog address. We are a social media culture now, so it will be clearly understood why you would add your linkedin profile, as company representatives research their interviewees prior to setting up an official interview.

2.Why would you do that?

As viewers look at your brand, be certain that your professional titles are consistent and relevant to each other. We don’t encourage you to place varied brands. Focused career searches are the order of the day!

For example, Excellent Entry-Level Professional

As your skills are viewed, be certain that you have included relevant skills for your industry. Hopefully, you have researched your career field via the occupational outlook handbook and your professional associations for relevant industry skills as well as the job descriptions. Take your job description and copy the text into a wordle file to look at the skills the pop out!

Also be sure to list your most important successful accomplishment or achievement first in your job description section.

3. Why would you ask that?

Be certain that there is nothing on your resume that leaves a lingering question about why. I know that you valued some awards that you received, however, if the company gives every employee that award for breathing air, do not list it on your resume. Hiring managers want to see earned awards and honors.

On the other hand, be sure that you don’t leave out anything that is relevant. You also don’t want an employer to question, why you did not include that?

4. That’s interesting, tell me more?

Now, this is the question that you want every person who eyes your resume to ask. You want them to want to meet you. You want them to want to find out more about how you accomplished this feat or achieved that feat!

We hope that this information is helpful to you. Be sure to watch the video, “How To Successfully Job Search on Your Smart Phone”.

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