Do yourself a favor: 5 Things to do in 2014 to change

Do yourself a favor: 5 Things to do in 2014 to change Image

It’s almost a new year, a new chance, a new beginning to revamp your sad, sorry and ill-advised life. So you vow to change! To write that book! To schedule that interview with the press and to make that move! 

  1. Do yourself a favor and sign up for DropBox to save your documents. You will be able to share docs via social media and also to hiring officials. The good thing is that the service if free, safe and reliable and very common. Click on this link to sign up:
  2. Get professional ! Help ! Assistance ! Collaborations ! Buddy Up ! You will help meet any goal that you have, from weight enhancement to better English, French, Spanish or Russian, if you get help to do it. As a professional, you can’t afford to go at it alone anymore. Join relevant groups on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and other groups such as Stumble Upon, Reddit and more ! 
  3. Pay for something ! Stop shying away from good investment opportunities because there is a fee associated. As I like to say, “Ain’t Nothing Free”. Buy one get one free, ain’t free! Check the reputation of leading local and national and international organizations and join! Motivated persons understand the value of investment!
  4. Change your hair style and make-up! That church suit ain’t gonna cut it. If you are over 50 or under 49, you need a refresher in all things image! Go to Dillard’s, Macy’s, or JC Penney and seek out an image consultant who can help you outside match up with your inside. See Melissa Watkins to help you shape up so that you won’t be shipped out in the 1980’s or 2011 look. After all, you will never get a second chance to make a first impression.
  5. And speaking of impression, re-define your 30 second spill. Make that your 15 second spill. If you do not prepare to update what you will say to people as you network, you will tend to tell too much, or too little or ramble on. Practice how you will speak about yourself. 

And like always, is you can’t say it, Let Me Say It For You! We, at Let Me Write It For YOU are available to help you with you press releases, one page bio’s, speeches for special engagements and training resumes. We hope that you have found this information useful. Please email us at


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