Today’s Free Seminars help you to get your job and career search on

Today's Free Seminars help you to get your job and career search on

• Sunday, November 10th, 8 pm Eastern Replay of Break all the Rules and Get that Dream Job! by Liz Ryan, CEO of Human Workplace, a former Fortune 500 Human Resources VP and the world’s most widely-read career and workplace advisor.
• Monday, Nov 11th 3 pm Eastern How to Navigate Applicant Tracking Systems, Robin Schlinger, Certified Federal Resume Writer (CFRW), Certified Electronic Career Coach (CECC), Job and Career Transition Coach, and more…
• Monday, Nov 11th 6pm Eastern The Importance of Securing a Professional Internship, Robert Shindell, Ph.D., Vice President & Chief Learning Officer for Intern Bridge, Inc.
• Monday, Nov 11th 9 pm Eastern Earn What You’re Really Worth by Brian Tracy, Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International.
• Tuesday, Nov 12th 3pm Eastern Build Your Online Reputation: How to Create the Right Digital Dirt by Hannah Morgan, nationally recognized influencer of pro-active job search.
• Tuesday, Nov 12th 6pm Eastern Discovering and Removing Obstacles in your Job Search by Elisabeth Sanders, nationally-acclaimed ‘tough career transitions’ expert.
• Tuesday, Nov 12th 9 pm Eastern How to Find a Career that Excites You by J.T. O’Donnell, Career Strategist and Workplace Consultant.
• Wednesday, Nov 13th 3 pm Eastern Preparing Veterans and Others for Federal Employment by Nancy H. Segal, federal human resources training and job search expert.
• Wednesday, Nov 13th 6pm Eastern How to Communicate for Success in your Job Search by Laura Labovich, CEO of The Career Strategy Group.
• Wednesday, Nov 13th 9 pm Eastern Entrepreneurship: Creating a Business Plan by Grant Cooper, founder and president of Strategic Resumes & Business Plans.
• Thursday, Nov 14th 3 pm Eastern Great Jobs for Everyone 50+ by Kerry Hannon, bestselling author and Washington, DC-based career, retirement and personal finance expert.
• Thursday, November 14th 6pm Eastern Networking (On and Off line) by Loretta Peters , Founder of Enterprising Careers, LLC, and CEO of Competitive Edge Branding.

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Photo credit: Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images.


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