Reskilling Yourself to Improve Your Job Search

To help you effectively compete in today’s job market, we’re providing you with a Free Ticket to the National Career Summit.
For Your FREE Ticket to our virtual event, go to

** Our Virtual Summit can be accessed from your computer or phone. No Travel Required.

You’ll learn step by step how to compete from over 20 Leading Job & Career Experts For FREE!

During this event, we’ll show you:

• How you can ensure your résumé lands on the top of the pile.
• How you can effectively handle challenging interviews and win the job
• How you can brand yourself and recession-proof your career.
• How you can develop skills that will rapidly improve your marketability.
• How you can land a job using social media.

To register today for your free ticket, go to

We are looking forward with helping you compete in Today’s Job Market.

Debra Ann Matthews of Let Me Write It For You Job-Winning Resumes and Career Services is available to help move your professional development through interview career coaching, resume distribution services and LinkedIn profiles. Connect with her at the summit by clicking here.


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