How does your resume fair? Let’s check

How does your resume fair? Let’s check

So what’s wrong with your resume? Obviously, if you are catching the attention of hiring managers with your job-winning resumes, then you are right on! If you are networking and receiving correspondence via LinkedIn Branchout, and other social media sites, then you are right on ! If your biggest challenges are which job offer to accept, then right on !! If, however, your resume is not getting you the attention that you feel that you deserve, then there is something wrong with your resume. Do you know what it is makes your resume in need of serious attention.
Let me write it for you assists motivated job seekers and career changers with resumes that speak volumes about their job skills, accomplishments and talents in a manner to solicit interviews. Run not walk to beef up your resume . You can learn more about writing effective resumes at the career centers, Goodwill Career Solutions Center, Urban League, or by contacting a professional resume writer.
See complete checklist @


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