5 Things military retirees and vets get to decide about their career now

5 Things military retirees and vets get to decide about their career now

As you decide what you’d like to do for a living in your next job, the type of company that you’d like to work for and the location and salary that your skills can warrant, you have made a start in answering some very important questions for your career outside of the military. You are a capable, confident and interested career changer. Companies are dying to have former military persons on their team. It is incumbent on you to decode your military experiences into readable, understandable skills that can be appreciated by the civilian human resources representatives. As you begin to merge through, keep in mind that your job seeking materials (resume, cover letter, bio, web resume, LinkedIn profile, association membership and networking) is a tool that you will use to network to locate the hidden job market. These are jobs that are not advertised but are certainly waiting to be offered to you build relationships and demonstrate your skills, accomplishments and values to your network.

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