Professional Resume Writer Earns Certification as Job & Career Transition/ Development Coach

For Immediate Release 9:00

December 10, 2012

Professional Resume Writer Earns Certification as Job & Career Transition/ Development Coach

Clarksville, TN — December 10, 2012Debra Ann Matthews, Resume Writer, from Clarksville, Tennessee, attended, along with 15 professionals from 13 states and Saipan the Job & Career Transition Coach and Job & Career Development Coach Certification Workshop, December 3-6, 2012, in Orlando, Florida,  presented by Nationally Certified Career Counselor, Richard Knowdell. Richard is an international counselor, educator and businessman who helps professionals to identify the proper assessment tools for clients using his renowned Career Values, Motivated Skills, Occupational Interests and Leisure /Retirement playing cards. This simple yet engaging game of cards helps professionals to facilitate the career direction of clients within corporations and in one-on-one environments in order to help highlight their career values, transferable skills and goals for their professional development. Knowdell is the publisher of the long standing and highly acclaimed Career Planning and Adult Development Journal used by educators, universities and practitioners alike to help pull out best practices for  blossoming career tracks. As a successful business man, Knowdell was also able to offer attendees certifications in Business Development and Marketing for Success, earning each attendee an additional 7 Continuing Education Hours.

His seminars have been requested and conducted in Alexandria, Virginia, Seoul, Korea, Cairo, Egypt, Cape Town South Africa and Orlando, FL.

Working with resumes for over 12 years, Debra Ann Matthews is passionate about helping her clients direct their demonstrated skills and talents in a focused brand to develop their careers. She assists clients from all levels. For more information, see or call 931-269-9718.


Let Me Write It For You offers clients passionate, descriptive targeted resumes and career assistance, helping them to understand the best manner in which to target their professional career. Debra Ann Matthews has helped clients with career needs for well over 12 years.  Supported by the National Resume Writers Assn. and Career Directors Int’l, Debra Ann can be reached @ 931-269-9718 or @ for additional information.


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